All about the WordPress HR plugin

You are in the field of website designs, or you are a frequent user of website. You have surely heard about the WordPresss HR plugin. At first glance, this most likely raised several questions in you. In this article we will try to resolve these briefly.

Description of the WordPress HR plugin

To have a good understanding of the a WordPress HR plugin, you must necessarily go through its description. This will actually know what the WordPress HR plugin is. In reality, the WordPress HR plugin is a human resources management system (HR), from a website. This is done through a plugin. In terms of the management of personnel files, this method is very effective. This tool is based on WordPress. Thanks to this, small and medium-sized enterprises can now set up their own information systems. This on WordPress of course.

HR WordPress Extensions

The WordPress HR plugin has several extensions, in order to make it easier for you. Among these extensions, we will mention only a few. We have: 

•  WordPress HR Presence This extension makes it possible to control the arrival and departure of workers. 

•  WordPress HR Mobile Check In This extension is part of the news. It allows public servants to identify themselves on their cellular phones 

•  WordPress HR Recruitment It is an extension that makes it possible to create and publish job offers on the website of companies. It is also this extension that manages the entire end-to-end recruitment process. 

The WordPress HR plugin is a very recent management method work. It allows companies an effective management of their staff. Thanks to its many ext