What criteria should you use to recognize an original PC charger?

If you own a PC, you should be concerned about its power supply. Sometimes the charger can have problems. In such cases, what should you do? The answer is right here. You have to buy a new charger. Again, you need to find out if the new charger is indeed original. Since there are lots of fake chargers on the market today. A wrong choice could have repercussions on the laptop. So, how to recognize an original charger. You can find some answers in today's column.

Base it on the name displayed on the charger or the logo

Often, fake quality chargers are made in a really bad way. Therefore, in order to recognize an original charger, more specifically an adapter for asus laptops, you should rely on the brand's logo. This is a very effective way to recognize whether the charger is original or not. Most of the charger manufacturing companies have the habit of including their brand name or even their logo in a visible way. This helps to identify the laptops for which the chargers are intended. This saves you from problems of difficult recognition of the right charger when buying your charger. Thus, any risk of deception is eliminated.

Take into account the charging speed

In the lot of data present on the charger, you need to look at the type of ultra-fast charging that it offers. The fast charging that each of the brands offer have various names. Among these are SuperCharger, Quick Charge or even Warp Charge. This is actually a designator that is, generally speaking, built into almost all PC chargers. A quick look is required to be able to find it since it is not visible to the naked eye.