What do I need to know to create a time-lapse easily?

With the availability of the necessary tools to create a time-lapse, you can try a time-lapse without difficulty. You just need to master the necessary scenes and the right equipment. Read on for more details.

Time-lapse and the different scenes involved in making it

When we talk about time-lapse, we are not talking about a photo or a video, but about a process that starts from the shooting to the production. Making a time-lapse means first capturing several photos at regular intervals. These photos must be taken at a lower rate than that of a video capture. The editing of these photos must be done in such a way that at least 25 images per second are broadcast. Visit the site for extra resources. If you get the editing right, at the end of your production you will have a smooth but fast paced video.

By the way, speaking of the scenes highlighted by the time lapse, these are the scenes that you can't actually see with your eyes. They are real scenes, but slow enough. For example, the rising and setting of the sun and the moon. The growth of a plant is also a special scene that lends itself to this process. One of the most beautiful scenes that lends itself to this process is the passing of clouds in the sky. 

Time-lapse and equipment

As mentioned above, making such a video animation is now possible with several tools including the smartphone. However, you should adopt the appropriate shooting mode. But to make a time-lapse effectively, you need a camera with a good hardware configuration. The first thing you need is a camera that can be operated in manual mode. The suggestion of exposure time and focus should be possible with this camera. Since this process involves taking hundreds of pictures, the camera's memory card must be large. In addition, since you will be taking enough pictures, you should always bring a second battery. For a good framing, it is recommended to provide a tripod on which the camera will be placed. Don't forget that the interval meter allows you to set the time between photos.