What to know about Adrian Cheng?

Adrian Cheng is a native of the city of Hong Kong where he regularly spends his stay, often of short duration. He generally spends his life as a billionaire entrepreneur between his hometown and Singapore, the territory in which he owns a home. Aged 42, he has a network that stretches across Asia and the world and a competence that extends from property development and retail to technology, culture and to philanthropy. Read the article to learn all about Adrian Cheng.

The qualities of Adrian Cheng

Confident, charismatic and cosmopolitan, these are the main elements that characterize morally Adrian Cheng. He's a proven entrepreneur who feels at home in a boardroom among thought leaders rather than on a red carpet. He is one of the third generation offspring of a Hong Kong real estate dynasty. This is a family that majestically holds the third spot on this year's Forbes Asia Hong Kong Rich List with a reported net worth of $26.6 billion. Adrian Cheng's grandfather, called Yu-tung Cheng, already built the foundation for success with the opening of his first Chow Tai Fook store in Hong Kong in 1946 which later turned into a retail network international.

A legacy well secured by Adrian Cheng

If the Cheng family continues to shine the star of success of old times in the city of Hong Kong, Adrian Cheng was particularly revealed by the success of his company named K11 Group. Considered the first cultural retail concept in the world, this innovation based on its philosophy of philanthropy marks the greatness of its reputation. His commitment to addressing issues around mental health, housing, climate change, sustainability and the arts was much more apparent in the early days of the Covid-19 health crisis.