Why be interested in the sounds of a handpan ?

The handpan is one of the few musical instruments that have survived the passage of time to continue to reproduce sounds with multiple virtues, without blending into the mass. Thus, for its ability to reproduce wonderful notes, this accessory allows to use music to achieve well-being. This being so, some of the advantages of the handpan are listed in the following article.

The handpan to relax

The handpan or hang drum is adopted for relaxation. A handpan can actually produce a variety of sounds that impact on the brain, each following an intuition. Thus, the hang drum integrates musical instruments with therapeutic effects.

By playing this instrument, it is easy to create positive feelings to find a joyful state and a relaxed body. Also, each note of the handpan acts on the mind to restore a better harmony.

And since it is not necessary to be a professional before playing the handpan, the handling of the instrument is easy. This allows the realization of different melodies to connect to oneself and soothe the being.

The hang drum for meditation

The frequencies of the handpan are ideal and very beneficial for those who hear them. In fact, just listening to these melodies is enough to enter a meditative phase. Whether the instrument is in your hands or elsewhere, the sounds played always give the opportunity to find an inner peace in order to solve one's problems.
Thus, the handpan can be used to de-stress, change the mood, find the joy of living, reduce anxiety or improve concentration. 

Also, by listening to the sounds of the hang drum, it becomes easier to be lulled by the music. In this respect, the handpan can be of great help against sleep disorders and tensions.

That said, with meditation, it is possible to relieve pain and speed up healing. It should also be noted that the melodies produced by the handpan better communicate what one is feeling. Finally, CDs, videos, and recordings can help to meditate with a handpan.